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The Palace Concerts Series

The autumn has arrived. I actually love this time of the year. Well, as long as it is not raining that is.. Walking through my local Crystal Palace Park has been particularly enjoyable seeing the beautiful sunrise shining on golden autumn leaves. It reminds me of my home, Japan. This photo was taken while I was jogging in the early evening of last Sunday. Well, the sky was changing the colour every single second so I had to stop to take this. It was breath taking. My iPhone does not do justice on the colour but still I want to share this with you.

For those might not be familiar with Crystal Palace Park in London I have to tell you how historically this park played a significant role in cultural scenes in this country.  Originally the Crystal Palace-which hosted the Great Exhibition in Hyde Park from 1 May to 11 October 1851 was designed by Joseph Paxton. After the exhibition it was bought by Crystal Palace Company and moved to Penge, Sydenham. I am not going into details here but you can find out more from Crystal Palace Foundation page. It hosted the famous Handel Festival as well as Saturday Concerts. Sadly as Sir Winston Churchill called it “This is the end of an era.”, a spectacular fire destroyed London’s famed Crystal Palace – considered the world’s first modern theme park – on the night of Nov. 30, 1936.

It has been my dream to bring somehow this wonderful music history back in Crystal Palace. It is still a trial stage this year but I am so pleased to announce our first concert this week. I am extremely excited to welcome an international multi-insturumentalist, Orphy Robinson who will improvise on Martin Luther King’s Speech to mark Black History Month in UK in October.

17th October 2013 7.30pm

at St John the Evangelist, Upper Norwood.

The Palace Concerts-Music from Then and Now at Crystal Palace Vol.1

Supported by Crystal Palace Foundation, Black History Month in UK

You can find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter








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Croydon Arts Show-Croydon Radio

Enjoyed being invited to be on Croydon Radio -Croydon Arts Show yesterday afternoon. You can listen to the podcast from the link below.

Answer to the question and a lucky winner can win my new Samuel Coleridge-Taylor CD!

Question: Samuel Coleridge-Taylor made three successful American tours. Which year was he invited to the White House by President Theodore Roosevelt?


Listen to the podcast to find how to win! Good luck!

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Wigmore Hall concert

On 22nd July I gave a two piano concert at Wigmore Hall with Joseph Tong. We have celebrated our 10th anniversary of forming a  piano duo last year as Piano 4 Hands and this was really special event for us. The programme included Poulenc, Stravinsky, Britten and new commission work by Dai Fujikura. We both would like to thank our sponsors IIJ Europe, Yutaka and Daiwa Capital Markets for their generous support.  Also we would like to  say thank you to all of you who came to support us.  Having a wonderfully warm audience means so much to me.

Today I was teaching one of my pupil who came to this concert with her parents. She told me how much enjoyed the concert so I asked her what she enjoyed the most. She said,

” I enjoyed seeing you smiling and enjoying yourself while you were playing!”

?? I didn’t even realise that I smile during performance to be honest. The music is often so powerful that usually nothing else exist when i perform, not even myself. Of course I am busy listening and physically controlling my body and handling the instrument and somehow I don’t exist. Often I find myself coming back to reality when I hear audience clapping. Then I am back.  Very surreal experience but I can tell you very addictive.


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My local fish monger & Spaghetti alle vongole

Ti piace gli spaghetti alle vongole?

December has arrived.. I can’t believe that it has been almost 4 months since I blogged my first entry here.. What a shame.. I have to keep it up. A bit like regular piano practice, isn’ it?

I had a telephone interview from Croydon Advertiser yesterday morning. The Art editor Patsy was so lovely and friendly that I felt almost like talking to my friend.  I discovered that she was from Sydenahm/Crystal Palace where I live originally so it was very interesting to hear about how her father used to tell her about the  Great Fire that destroyed the palace in Crystal Palace Park in 1936. For those not familiar with the history of Crystal Palace I will talk about it soon here.   I am so lucky to live just by such a historically (and musically too) site.Moxon's

For Japanese girl like me I am sooo blessed that there are two fantastic fishmongers in my neighborhood. Yesterday I went to the one  in Dulwich called Moxon’s.  I think this is one of the best fishmonger in London seriously. They can tell you which fish you can have it as carpaccio or sashimi too. Very handy!

I wanted to recreate a wonderful spaghetti vongole that I tasted back in summer in Italy. I slowly roasted tomatoes in oven for about 45 mins so that it bring out the sweetness.

Yum yum delizioso!

After my supper went back to piano and worked on my old friends Mendelssohn’s Song without Words Op.53. Revisiting old pieces is like meeting up with an old friend. So much to talk about. Perfect way to spend a chilly night like today perhaps..


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